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ArtistTitleGenresPublish date
Sean TyasDegenerate Picks April '18Trance, Psy-Trance2018-04-18
Rubik'Kill Of The Year' ChartTrance2018-04-18
BeatportPeak Hour Tracks: TranceTrance2018-04-18
Marcus SantoroHalo ChartTrance, Big Room2018-04-17
jon the dentistApril Trance SurgeryTrance, Big Room2018-04-17
Kaion'Windseeker' TOP 10Trance, Progressive House2018-04-17
Kaion'Wrong Warp' TOP 10Trance, Deep House, Progressive House, Trap / Future Bass2018-04-17
Rene AblazeThruster Top 10Trance, Psy-Trance2018-04-17
Jim KashelJim Kashel's 'Bubuha' ChartTrance, Electro House, Big Room2018-04-17
Dj XBoyDj XBoy Trance Mission Radioshow 54Trance2018-04-17
Jorn van DeynhovenBEATPORT ANTHEMS (APRIL 2018)Trance2018-04-17
ZAATop 10 - Apr 18Trance, Psy-Trance, Big Room2018-04-17
Mo MirxaLate Night SessionsElectronica, Trance, Tech House, Deep House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco2018-04-17
DragonbreathFired Up Charts FebMar 2018Trance, Big Room2018-04-16
JOINT MEDIA MUSICRANKING Joint Media Music [trance 16/04/2018]Trance, Psy-Trance2018-04-16
53 HzApril 2018 ChartHardcore / Hard Techno, Techno, Trance2018-04-16
Andre VisiorHallucination ChartTrance2018-04-16
Luna Light Luna Light - Spring ChartTrance2018-04-16
Alex KunnariAlex Kunnari - Sundown ChartTrance2018-04-16
DJBASSDJBASSTrance, Hard Dance2018-04-15
Nu EuphoriaNU EUPHORIA RADIO CHART April 2018Trance2018-04-15
Melodic SunriseMelodic Sunrise Radio 001Trance, Progressive House2018-04-15
DIMTAFLOOR FILLERS APRIL : TRANCE BY DIMTATrance, Psy-Trance, Progressive House2018-04-15
Frank DueffelFrank Dueffel April 2018 Beatport ChartsTrance, Psy-Trance, Progressive House2018-04-15
Zibiria RecordsZIBIRIA WEEKLY TOP 10 *CW 15 - 2018*House, Trance, Electro House, Dance, Future House, Big Room, Trap / Future Bass2018-04-15
Para XIntense Emotions Reloaded 04/2018Trance2018-04-15
DJ HellDJ Hell - April 2018 - TOP 10House, Techno, Trance, Deep House, Minimal, Melodic House & Techno2018-04-15
Exia RecordingsExia Special Selection 003Electronica, House, Trance, Progressive House, Funk / R&B, Future House2018-04-14
Exia RecordingsExia Special Selection: 004Trance, Tech House, Deep House, Psy-Trance, Future House, Trap / Future Bass2018-04-14
Star AllyStar Picks Top 10 Charts - Week 01 (04/14/18)Trance, Deep House, Trap / Future Bass2018-04-14
Evan KendricksEvan Kendricks Eternally ChartTrance2018-04-14
TobeTest SelectionTrance, Hard Dance, Electro House, Dance, Future House, Big Room2018-04-14
ProdeeboyBOTB Radioshow 226 ChartElectronica, Trance, Progressive House, Electro House, Dubstep2018-04-14
WavenHARMONIA RADIO episode 036Trance, Deep House, Progressive House2018-04-13
Marcus SantoroHalo ChartTrance, Big Room2018-04-13
WatsonWATSON'S "LONG LIVE TRANCE!" CHART 04/18Trance2018-04-13
RalphandLouieRalph & Louie's sexy chartHouse, Techno, Trance, Tech House, Melodic House & Techno2018-04-13
TomacBreatheTrance, Progressive House2018-04-13
TomacBreatheTrance, Progressive House2018-04-13
The Reason YTake me to TRY LANDElectronica, Techno, Trance, Tech House2018-04-13
Stuart FergusonRellik ChartTrance2018-04-13
Nitrous OxideGravity / Clear As The SkyTrance2018-04-13
Dave202Ready to Rave Top10Trance, Deep House, Progressive House, Future House, Big Room, Trap / Future Bass, Melodic House & Techno2018-04-13
MayaWolff001 Wolfferine Must-HavesDrum & Bass, Electronica, Trance, Tech House, Deep House, Future House2018-04-12
CRKTZMiami Sessions 23: Elevation MusicHouse, Techno, Trance, Tech House, Deep House, Progressive House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Big Room, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno2018-04-12
RAMAprils RAMazing ChartTrance2018-04-12
DIMTACLOSING TRANCE BY DIMTATrance, Psy-Trance, Progressive House2018-04-12
Dj Craig PalethorpeTrance Chart - April 2018Trance2018-04-12
SpadaSpada - April's most playedHouse, Trance, Deep House, Dance, Future House, Melodic House & Techno2018-04-12
Mark SherryApril 2018 ChartHardcore / Hard Techno, Trance2018-04-12
TinlickerAll Exhale ChartTechno, Trance, Tech House, Deep House, Progressive House, Big Room, Melodic House & Techno2018-04-12
AmitrixTop TenHouse, Trance, Progressive House, Electro House, Dance2018-04-11
Sneijder'Awakening' ChartTechno, Trance, Progressive House2018-04-11
Jochen MillerJochen Miller's Eternally ChartTrance2018-04-11
Jess MJess.M April ChartTrance, Future House, Big Room2018-04-11
Stereo UndergroundChart to treasureTrance, Progressive House2018-04-11
BeatportFloor Fillers: TranceTrance2018-04-11
MadwaveMadwave "Follow Your Path" Top 10Trance2018-04-10
Tom ExoHyperspaceTrance2018-04-10
Dianna PlutoDIANNAPLUTO ::: MIAMI 2018 TRANCETrance2018-04-10
Matt DarrenHOT 10 SPRING TUNESTrance, Future House, Big Room, Funky / Groove / Jackin' House2018-04-10
2day2morrow4everMY TOP 10 (March 2018)Drum & Bass, Electronica, Trance, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Dance, Trap / Future Bass2018-04-10
Dj XBoyDj XBoy Trance Mission Rradioshow 53Trance2018-04-10
SuncatcherSuncatcher's 'Footprints on the Moon' ChartTrance2018-04-10
William Daniel Fu2raBack 2 The Program Damaged ChartTechno, Trance2018-04-10
MatterDISILLUSIONED CHARTTrance, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno2018-04-10
Marijanne TriceTRANCE IN MY HEARTTrance2018-04-10
Oscar RockenbergELECTRONIC ANTHEMS SELECTION - MARCH 2018Trance, Deep House, Psy-Trance, Big Room2018-04-10
Sebastian MontanoReach For The Skies ChartTrance2018-04-09
Micky FriedmannESHEBO April 2018House, Trance, Progressive House, Dance, Big Room, Melodic House & Techno2018-04-09
FaridFarid's Diamond Eyes ChartTrance2018-04-09
FaridFarid's Diamond Eyes ChartTrance2018-04-09
TORIOFall For MeTrance, Progressive House, Dance, Future House2018-04-09
MeanBeatzKiss Me ChartElectronica, Trance, Dance, Big Room2018-04-09
Frank N JayTrancepired Moments - April 2018Trance2018-04-09
VADDSVADDS 'Intermezzo' ChartElectronica, House, Trance, Psy-Trance, Electro House, Dubstep, Big Room2018-04-09
JOINT MEDIA MUSICRANKING Joint Media Music [trance 09/04/2018]Trance2018-04-09
DIMTABEST NEW TRACKS APRIL : TRANCE BY DIMTATrance, Psy-Trance, Progressive House2018-04-09
FEELFEEL APRIL 2018 TOP 10Trance, Big Room2018-04-09
Sam JonesSam Jones 'Pursuit' chartTechno, Trance, Psy-Trance2018-04-09
Ruslan RadrigesRUSLAN RADRIGES "REVIVAL" CHARTElectronica, House, Trance, Dance, Big Room2018-04-09
Jordan SuckleyJordan Suckley- Pursuit Chart!Techno, Trance, Psy-Trance2018-04-09
DJ karl k-otikKARL K-OTIK TOP 20 CHART APR. 2018Trance2018-04-09
Costa PantazisCosta Pantazis One Night In N.Y.C. ChartTrance2018-04-08
Suzy SolarSUZY SOLAR - APRIL 2018 CHARTTrance2018-04-08
EmodApril GoodiesDrum & Bass, House, Trance, Progressive House2018-04-08
MoroniTime Meaning ChartTrance, Psy-Trance2018-04-08
Jamie baggottsSpring musicTechno, Trance, Tech House, Progressive House2018-04-08
EsokuESOKU APRIL TOP 10Trance, Progressive House, Future House, Garage / Bassline / Grime, Melodic House & Techno2018-04-08
EsokuESOKU APRIL TOP 10Trance, Progressive House, Future House, Garage / Bassline / Grime, Melodic House & Techno2018-04-08
EsokuEsoku April Top 5Trance, Progressive House, Future House, Garage / Bassline / Grime, Melodic House & Techno2018-04-08
Sam Laxton'Endless Dreams' ChartTrance, Psy-Trance2018-04-07
MalbetriebSpring ClassicsElectronica, House, Trance, Deep House, Dance2018-04-07
Ashley Wallbridge'Long Way Home' Driving ChartTrance2018-04-06
Jenny Karol ReBirth.The Future is Now! 98Trance, Psy-Trance2018-04-06
Anna LeeAnna Lee April Top 10 ChartTrance, Psy-Trance2018-04-06
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