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Max TenRoM - Organic House / Downtempo


FR based Dj/Musician/Producer

Released on :
Lump Records / Deep Bali / 3000Grad / Art Vibes / Labo T. / Cafe De Anatolia / Harabe / MONADA / Petites Pépites / Cosmovision / Ohxala / CULTE / Camel Riders / FLDD / Blue Coffee / Artessa / Aftertech / MakeYourNoize...

Max TenRoM was born in Toulouse, the famous Pink City from Southern France. He started playing music from an early age, learning his piano skills through Jazz. His father was a guitarist and a true music lover.
Max sharpened his musical ear and acquired diverse influences through his father’s wide music taste. Once he had become comfortable on the piano he switched his focus to synthesizers and acoustic drums. As a result, he naturally started exploring electronic music production.

His current style is hard to label as he uses his many influences to create is own craft. Usually dynamic, his productions can be soft or radically heavy, sometimes melancholic or upliftings. Max navigates between an Organic Downtempo style and some Deep & Melodic Techno sonorities.
On stage Max TenRoM mixes electronic and acoustic sounds with his synths, machines and acoustic drums. He uses all his energy to add live Bongos and Darbouka fills to make his live-set a complete audiovisual performance.

Max had the chance to share the stage with great artists including Joris Delacroix, Oxia, Darius, Robert Babicz, Camion Bazar, Nhar, Paji, Scarfinger, Scan X, Jerome Pacman or Teho to name a few. After beautiful gigs in France, Max was also recently invited to play in the famous Nikki Beach Ibiza.
He's released on various underground labels, his music has been well received in the musical industry and supported by talented artists. Some of his tracks have been in the top Beatport and played by big names.

Max TenRoM does not stop at his personal project, he is also one of the founders of the CULTE collective.

#Trackname / Key / BPM / Publish dateArtists, Remixers / Label
1Ganesh (Original Mix)90 bpm, 12B / E major, 2020-08-17, Organic House / Downtempo,  1  13
2Serengeti (Original Mix)119 bpm, 12B / E major, 2020-10-23, Organic House / Downtempo,  2  1
3Kamane (Original Mix)108 bpm, 7B / F major, 2020-11-11, Organic House / Downtempo,  1  18
4Jungle's Call (Original Mix)110 bpm, 3B / Db major, 2020-09-11, Organic House / Downtempo,  2  29
5Safar (Original Mix)120 bpm, 5B / Eb major, 2020-11-20, Organic House / Downtempo,  1  3
6TransAfrika (Original Mix)124 bpm, 7A / D minor, 2020-06-12, Organic House / Downtempo,  1  4
7Idyllic (Max TenRom Remix)118 bpm, 9A / E minor, 2020-04-17, Melodic House & Techno,  2  5
8Metanoia (MAX TENROM Rework)122 bpm, 9A / E minor, 2019-09-27, Electronica,  2  20
9Native (Original Mix)105 bpm, 6B / Bb major, 2019-07-05, Electronica,  4  9
10Hafla Souk (Original Mix)110 bpm, 5A / C minor, 2018-12-14, Electronica,  3  4
11Vaudou (Original Mix)105 bpm, 12B / E major, 2020-06-12, Organic House / Downtempo,  6  4
12Namib (Original Mix)125 bpm, 8A / A minor, 2020-06-12, Organic House / Downtempo,  2  4
13Africa Night (Max Tenrom Remix)122 bpm, 7A / D minor, 2019-01-07, Melodic House & Techno,  1  4
14Cliché Nocturne (Original Mix)125 bpm, 8A / A minor, 2020-06-12, Organic House / Downtempo,  1  4

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