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[TyRunT] - Best of Black Friday 2018

So, I'll tell you the story of this year:

We went in a CHOPPER to beat the KONG in this ultimate WAR for the DOGMA of CONSTANTIA. BAD TRIP was indeed! A SEISMIC TOSS was destroying of the BEGGINERS LUCK, and we have to stop this for our KILL CODE. So, we went HANDS UP and landed NOT TODAY because of a TIMELOOP. This was a SCIENTIFIC TEST that worked reecently for our bad luck. We saw also a troop of SPACE INVADERS that had a BNC and SHOTGUN KNEES??? We just had TORCHER TOOLS, so we made a trade and they returned us in their MECHA DOODLE. We had also ELEPHANT WHEELS in storage for using them in real elephants, and ANIMAL MASKs to concentrate our power with them. This OMINIC CRISIS was caused by king SIVAD, the reincarnation of the DIABLO. After we transported to the FIGHT, we put our CLOUTs & SCOTCH BONNETs, we used the TONBOGIRI to kill the kong. Sivad had a DIFFERENT IDEA for our end, so he sent a giant OCTOPUS to finish us. First, we developed a state of PSYCHOSIS, but we RISEd UP still and defeated the Octopus. We reunited in HORN PUB and took a minute of SILENCE for the deceased, then we ate some BROWN BREAD

Damn... There's one song left, but I don't remember it...

#Trackname / Key / BPM / Publish dateArtists, Remixers / Label
1 150 bpm, 10B / D major, 2018-01-26, Dubstep,  3  4
2 72 bpm, 7A / D minor, 2018-02-23, Dubstep,  2  4
3 150 bpm, 2A / Eb minor, 2018-03-30, Dubstep,  5  4
4 145 bpm, 9A / E minor, 2018-04-27, Dubstep,  7  4
5 75 bpm, 4A / F minor, 2018-05-25, Dubstep,  2  4
6 73 bpm, 8A / A minor, 2018-06-29, Dubstep,  2  4
7 73 bpm, 5A / C minor, 2018-07-27, Dubstep,  4  4
8 150 bpm, / , 2018-08-31, Dubstep,  4  4
9 75 bpm, 7A / D minor, 2018-09-28, Dubstep,  2  4
10 145 bpm, 7B / F major, 2018-10-26, Dubstep,  2  4

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