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Motion Designer EP is a new look at electronic music straight from the underground of the small industrial city of Mariupol, in the east of Ukraine.

After a 7-year performance, the VODA team unified their joint efforts to implement the new element of electronic music. This is a complete musical improvisation of every artist of the label in it there is the spirit of our industrial city in which we all grew up. In this EP you will hear a mixture of progressive melodies and minimalistic percussions which form a volcano of emotions.

Starting with a heavy hitter Home from young producer Random you will be seized by a waves of symbiosis of progressive house and techno.

Then you will make atmospheric leap into outer space with track called Ghost. Esquit sends this into his sounds by adding his own voice to the conceptual idea of track, which makes it even more exciting and will blow away any fan of techno.

While creating this track Dranga wanted to share his easy mood with listeners, and take them to the ocean shore, where you will be surround by soft and light house rhytms at golden sunset.

The Outset Of Water In this track, an experiment was conducted on percussion, so that the listener got into hypnosis and penetrated an out-of-the-world moving world of sounds, so that the listener would remain united with the music.

#Trackname / Key / BPM / Publish dateArtists, Remixers / Label
1 130 bpm, 10B / D major, 2017-11-06, Techno,  11  4
2 115 bpm, 8B / C major, 2017-11-10, Progressive House,  47  4
3 123 bpm, 7B / F major, 2017-10-13, Techno,  8  14
4 125 bpm, 3A / Bb minor, 2017-11-06, House,  11  4
5 124 bpm, 3B / Db major, 2017-11-06, Techno,  40  4
6 125 bpm, 8A / A minor, 2017-11-06, Tech House,  12  4
7 125 bpm, 6A / G minor, 2017-11-10, Progressive House,  18  4
8 125 bpm, 2A / Eb minor, 2017-09-15, Melodic House & Techno,  51  3
9 125 bpm, 4A / F minor, 2017-11-10, Electronica,  37  5
10 128 bpm, / , 2004-08-18, House,  9  4

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